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How to make better social media channels in Kenya

How to make better social media channels in Kenya

Time and time again we have reiterated the importance of social media channels in digital marketing Kenya. They are here to stay and they offer the perfect marketing tools for any type of business in Kenya. So it makes sense to work with the best social media marketers Kenya. With social media you gain a lot of insights in your industry, gets to build your brand, market your products and generally engage with your customers. The good news is that Kenya are so much connected over the internet. Plus most of them are interacting on social media channels. Therefore, you can’t ignore the numbers.

Of course, as the best social media marketers we come across clients who approach social media marketing wrongly. This post will help you make your social media channels better for business!

Use your brand color wisely

Each brand has their color; which they are often associated with. As such you need to make sure that the brand colors are visible all over your social media channels. In essence you should stick to your primary color palette. In fact, all the brand colors should be in your entire digital presence including on your website. The reason is that it becomes easier when users come visiting they can easily identify your brand.

Earn trust with your followers

The same principles applied in normal sales and marketing should also apply in social media channels. Most customers buy from a brand they trust, a brand they are familiar with. In that case you have to put out intentional information so that visitors can easily trust you. The best way to build trust is to get reviews from users on your social media pages. This helps because the visitor will get to know what you are all about.

Post diverse content

From the best social media marketers Kenya view, content is still King! Yup! You can’t do without positing relevant and engaging content. Additionally, more social media users are viewing posts with videos and photos than those without. Social media channels have taken notice. They are pushing their video features so that users can enjoy more videos. It is estimated that more people will be watching videos in the coming years.

Connect your social media pages with your website

This is a two way affair. You can get social media users to visit your website by sharing links back to it on your social media channels. On the other hand you can live social media feeds on your website to show your visitors how cool your social media channels are. How cool is that?’

Know your followers

It is practically impossible to make any tangible progress on social media if you do not understand your followers. It’s a known truth by all best social media marketers Kenya. You can conduct research or gather insights from your social media channels admin section. Also you can conduct polls to get an idea of what your users are all about. Remember that you need to be well aware of your target customers. Those that are potential customers.

Identify the best social media channels

In a recent blog post we highlighted the best social media marketing channel Kenya. We talked about the different usage for each social media channels. As such you need to ask yourself the question whether your business will fit well in a particular social media channel. For instance, a B2B business might not gain much traction through the use of Instagram. However, a shoe store can build a formidable brand using social media.

Balance engagement with promotion

The rule of thumb by the best social media marketers Kenya is that you should follow the 80/20 rule. The 80% of your posting should be focused on being informative, entertaining, and educative while the 20% should be taken up by promotional posts. If you have constant promotion on your site you will chase away your visitors.

You should keep on being active on all your social media platforms. This will help in building a reliable audience. In addition, you need to watch out for the trends. Ensure that each of the post you make is in line with the current trends in the country and the world over. Lastly, if you have any questions on social media marketing or hiring the best social media marketers Kenya drop us an email.