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Best social media marketing company Kenya

Best social media marketing company Kenya

There is no doubt that PitchSense is among the best social media marketing company Kenya. We’d want to be the only team with that title but being best is relative. Instead we prefer to deliver customized services to our extensive range of customers. We imagine ourselves as the voice speaking to the social media followers of your brand. That way, we are able to capture the true voice of the personalized brand.

What best social media marketing company Kenya entails

Building meaningful conversations

PitchSense has a knack for creating meaningful conversations. Why? Social media marketing is all about initiating and sustaining meaningful engagements with the audience. PitchSense is backed by a creative team that senses conversation starters, pick up the scent and build something beautifully fulfilling with it.

The other key strategy best social media marketing company Kenya uses is to extend the formula to all social media platforms. Each social media platform has a unique conversation starter. We have mastered the art of making these conversation stick with our customer brands. When we do it correctly, we get brands talking about the brand even if it was not as widely known. Of course, that goes back to the best social media marketing company Kenya

Consistency in best social media marketing company Kenya

Consistency is key in social media marketing! Every brand can’t afford to lose out on their followers by being inconsistent. Ideally, PitchSense creates a conversation pattern on each social media platform. Typically, the pattern is guided by the strategy we subscribe to for each of the company we are marketing. The committed followers ensure that they are available to gain insightful content from your social media pages.

Diverse content

It is advisable to mix your content with a certain percentage about 80/20. This means that you have to post 80% social content and about 20 % marketing content(About the business). This content should be informative, humorous or simply social. The marketing content will depend on your content calendar.

Overall, the content should be made up of videos, infographics, blog posts, images or text based. When the strategies are executed properly by best social media marketing company Kenya, they become winners. If you have any question on social media marketing talk to us through our number +254 723 085 758 or email