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Simple steps to boost your seasonal SEO Traffic with SEO agency Kenya

Simple steps to boost your seasonal SEO Traffic with SEO agency Kenya

In Kenya, mobile or handheld devices internet usage has skyrocketed within the decade. Practically, more than half of the users are more access the internet through the use of their smartphones. And most SEO agency Kenya no this! It is for this reason that mobile marketing needs to play a key role in your overall digital marketing strategy. One crucial thing a brand can achieve through mobile marketing is brand visibility and loyalty.

Therefore, read on and get to learn the simple steps you can take to boost your SEO traffic. The writer is an expert with four years’ experience working with a SEO agency Kenya. Now that we have come to the conclusion that mobile marketing is important. A question still remain how do you optimize your site for mobile marketing? The following are the strategies you can follow to keep that much deserved traffic coming back to your site.

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 Follow the games and fun approach

From a distance this idea might seem as a barrier by watering down the serious and professional messaging you wish to pass across. However, you can capture the customer’s attention. The idea through gamification is the ability to get their attention long enough for them to remember your brand. Furthermore, if you integrate the gaming strategy with your social media networks you can extend your reach even further. Friends and family alike!

How do you get people to play along?

By simply giving them rewards. When they are rewarded they will increase the span of attention. In fact, the challenges makes a game sweeter. The basic aspect of gaming reward system starts out with people gaining badges and points. That way a gaming program for your business will thrive with the help of SEO agency Kenya.

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Master Google functionality


Over the years Google have improve their algorithm and given prominence to sites that have optimized for mobile users. In which case you should ensure that your website is ready for mobile first indexing. It should be responsive. Also, if you expect to receive much of your traffic from mobile users then you should have AMP (amplified mobile pages) highly recommended by Google. In addition, you can seriously consider AI in your marketing efforts. We have an article on the future of AI and how it will influence digital marketing, SEO agency Kenya and data analytics as we know it.

Getting the systems ready

You can’t achieve much without having functioning infrastructures. First of all, your mobile marketing should employ the use of the necessary tech for better results. Secondly, your website should load within a few seconds a visitors click on it. Thirdly, as you will notice working with SEO agency Kenya, security is very crucial with mobile marketing. When you site is secure Google will gladly bring people there. Of course, after you have completed the other essentially important search engine optimization inputs.

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We understand that sometimes Kenyan web hosting companies are faced with prolonged down times. But as a brand you have to ensure that your basic access points are online when customers wish to access them.

With these strategies, you will be able to boost your seasonal SEO traffic. Every SEO agency know that web traffic is hard to come by so if you can boost it through mobile marketing then you are in a better position.