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How to deal with SEO Spam to cut on losses

How to deal with SEO Spam to cut on losses

Most businesses including SEO Company Kenya are losing out to SEO spam. The spam has the potential to lower your ranking tremendously if they are not checked in time. A SEO spamming onslaught is referred to as search engine poisoning (SEP) attacks. These attacks are executed by people out to harm your business out of malice or stiff competition from the victim website.

Typically SEO is about helping websites to rank higher on search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. We have various posts on the subject and how well it is executed by SEO Company Kenya. You can check out these articles on the topic of SEO.

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That said, SEP is the kind of attack that brings with it unwanted links and keywords that will send alarming signals to search engine such as Google. These hacker backed tricks makes your site appear spammy from Google crawlers leading to lower ranking on SERPs (search result pages). Hackers can place the spam on your title tags, Meta data, headers, footers or even in the content. These links end up being backlinks to targeted sites. They can even be ads for products you have not optimized your website for.

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For instance an SEO company Kenya can lose out a lot of traffic for keyword such as “SEO Kenya” “SEO Company Kenya” or “SEO agency Kenya” because Google will interpret these as fraudulent or malicious keywords. It’s more like losing out your ranking. So many businesses have lost a lot of potential customers from lower search ranking.

Effects of SEO spam attack

In the eyes of Google so to speak, your site appears to be sending users to the wrong sites because of the unwanted Keywords. In the end Google will give your site lower ranking which is not good for business. So how do you deal with SEP attacks?

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Be on Google search console

As we have stated in previous articles being on Google search console is a very helpful. Generally, Google notify you on any usual activities before it starts to flag it for the fraudulent like behaviors.

Boost your site protection

That your site is prone to attack is not news. Major sites have been brought down by hackers all over the world. Since, you know that an attack is impending or lurking around the corner you might as well boost your protection. You can use a cloub based firewall, they are believed to be more effective at protection.

Monitor your site regularly

In addition to the use of Google search console you can boost security by employing online monitoring tools or working with security companies to secure your site. The cyber security companies are better equipped to track and stop an attack on your site. Additionally, you can monitor that keywords on your website.

This will allow your team and SEO Company Kenya to notice any suspicious activities on your website. For example, if your start ranking for keywords you have not optimized for then there must be a problem

Cyber security attacks keep on changing and a company needs to be well equipped to handle any SEP attacks coming their site’s way. If you following the steps above you will be able to maintain your ranking and visitors as well.