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Oftentimes, digital advertising Kenya or digital campaigns Kenya includes an entire online campaign such as paid advertising, free giveaways, promotions, influencer marketing and so on. However, we will restrict digital campaigns to paid digital advertising because we have different pages explain all the various aspects of running online campaigns and promotions. Paid advertising can be executed in a number of platforms including Google, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, media websites etc. Basically, paid advertising is executed on social media and other platforms that offer advertising. That said, it’s important for the advertiser to have a strategy. The strategy should be in line with the overall digital marketing strategy they are subscribed to. This helps projecting the digital campaigns Kenya further!

Digital campaigns Kenya

Therefore, this strategy should have a budget set aside for each of the activities that will take place during the campaign. In Kenya, the most popular platforms for advertising include Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Twitter advertising, Instagram advertising among other some industry specific homegrown media websites such as, Ghafla, etc. The budget set aside is determined on the expectations and overall marketing strategy.

Typically, PitchSense as a digital marketing agency in Kenya will work with the client in the creation of the digital marketing strategy including the budget. We will then handle the design of the ad materials including the graphics, images, infographics or videos. These ad creatives are used in capturing the imagination of the target audience. The success of any Digital campaigns in Kenya is based on some few factors including the landing page, ad creative and the amount spent on the campaign.

Digital advertising Kenya

When the digital campaigns Kenya are set in the right way they get results for the website and ultimately for the company. We work with digital campaign professional to create results oriented campaigns and thus the client gets return on investment (ROI).

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