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Digital marketing agency Kenya for B2C companies

Digital marketing agency Kenya for B2C companies

We are not only a B2B digital marketing agency Kenya but we also offer services to B2C companies. Read on to learn about it! There are a number of case studies from diverse industries that prove the point raised above. It doesn’t matter if you are running an arts gallery or an ecommerce site or a brick and mortar book store we will help you reach your customers. More so, we will help you engage them and turn them into solid sales. Ultimately, two things need to be achieved through digital marketing for B2C companies;

  • Brand awareness
  • Generate sales

That’s exactly what PitchSense help B2C businesses with when they come to us! Eventually, you need to develop a solidified customer loyalty which is great for business. How do we do it?

An integrated approach by digital marketing agency Kenya

One of the biggest challenges most B2C businesses have is finding a voice that will stick out in a competitive industry. As digital marketing company Kenya we work with your website, content marketing, SEO, social media platforms to achieve that integrated approach that simply awesome. This helps the business creates brand awareness. Through the use of these marketing channels we help a business break marketing barriers. We get a business know world over and within the locality they wish to target.

Our successes as digital marketing agency Kenya

PitchSense has been in existence for the past four years. During that period we’ve gotten an opportunity to work with a myriad of companies ranging from tour companies to betting tips website. Here is a list of some of the industry we’ve worked in;

  • Real estate company

    ; their greatest need was brand awareness which we created through the use of their website and social media platforms.

  • Security system installation company

    ; we have worked with quite a number in the security systems industry. Some required wesbite and SEO while others needed brand awareness.

  • Tour companies

    ; just like in the security systems we’ve worked with a number of tour companies for SEO, websites and social media. Which translates to more brand awareness.

  • Bakery

    ; we build a formidable online presence for a bakery through their website, social media platforms and paid advertising. Although, it was not a piece of cake. It required a lot of work and input from both parties in the engagement.

  • Learning institutions

    ; we helped the learning institution to gain traction through the best digital marketing channels we’ve been discussing throughout this post.

Our approach as a digital marketing company Kenya will help any B2C (small or large) achieve tremendous increase in their conversions and sales through our strategies. We help businesses generate new lead which can then be turned into customers. Additionally, we help in creating a highly personalized customer experience. Once you have developed a great social strategy with the best digital marketing agency Kenya then you are good to go. Talk to us through our phone numbers +254 723 085 758 or email