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The ultimate and comprehensive guide to digital marketing in Kenya

The ultimate and comprehensive guide to digital marketing in Kenya

We have decided to prepare a complete comprehensive guide on the digital marketing space in Kenya. This guide will help demystify digital marketing Kenya plus shares some insights on how to increase revenues suing digital marketing channels. One of the major challenges businesses face is the capability to come up and run a digital marketing strategy Kenya. Furthermore, most of the guides don’t seem to understand the Kenyan market. However, armed with the right information you can hack digital marketing trends 2018. Even other digital marketing agency Kenya will definitely benefit from their guide.

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It’s good to note that over the recent years we have more and more online businesses. Traditionally brick and mortar businesses are also shifting their focus to the online space. Also, some are building platforms to capture a large chunk of their prospects and customers mesmerized there. In essence, the digital space is where people gather valuable information on a daily basis. If a business has not fully leveraged on the digital marketing Kenya potential then they are losing a lot as it is.

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Understanding digital marketing Kenya

The basic question for most people is “What is digital marketing Kenya?” First of all before we get down to the nitty gritty of the trade, I have to say request you forget all the complex definition you’ve interacted with out there. Digital marketing Kenya is simply the process of marketing that takes place on the online place. Some digital marketing agency Kenya firms will describe it as online marketing or even internet marketing. Technically these too mean the same thing. Additionally, people confuse digital advertising with digital marketing. From the above discussion, it’s clear that digital advertising is field in the broader digital marketing spectrum.

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There is so much that goes into digital marketing beyond digital advertising. The strategies are based on a myriad of activities that culminate into more revenues for your business in Kenya. Digital marketing can be categorized as inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Inbound marketing strategies involved position your digital marketing channels in way they attract prospects and customers.

On the other hand outbound marketing involves targeting your digital marketing strategies out there with aim of getting new leads. Interestingly, the ultimate goal with digital marketing is to get more people to visit your website. Why? The website is closer to them and it’s your onion shop. Of course, the winning formula with digital marketing is positioning your channels in way they can converse with the visitors. We will look into some of the digital marketing channels available in the following Paragraphs.

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The tidbits of digital marketing in Kenya

Digital marketing in Kenya can be executed internally by a company or through contacting a digital marketing agency Kenya. The ultimate goal in any digital marketing strategy is to get more people listening to whatever a brand is saying. The idea is to allow them to know your brand, like it and buy from it. Simply put, that’s what digital marketing is all about. The end goal is to have decent but rather meaningfully fruitful.

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Unlike traditional marketing methods or if you like “offline marketing”. All the digital marketing engagements take place in a virtual space.

Therefore, a business needs creative strategy to capture the prospects attention. One of the best strategy is to utilize great content. For one great content will help improve a website SEO. Similarly, it will help create conversations with the visitors. In fact, digital marketing reliance on content marketing cannot be overemphasized. It’s at the heart of digital marketing strategies. The web visitors who turn to be leads can be followed after through building an email list. Organic traffic (mostly through SEO) might influence visitors to actually buy something.

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The distinct benefits of digital marketing in Kenya

Digital marketing agency Kenya will help a business achieve much more through Digital marketing strategies.

  • Affordability

    ; in comparison with the traditionally marketing methods digital marketing is relatively affordable. In fact, some companies only spend a fraction of the conventional (TV, Print ads and so on) type of marketing on digital marketing.

  • Its inbound authority makes it easy for a business to reach out to its target customers. Also, customer segmentation becomes easier.
  • Thousands of businesses are entirely run on the digital marketing formula. Some businesses do not even have websites but rely on their high social media presence especially on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Flexible; digital marketing is quite flexible. Unlike most conventional form of marketing which requires huge budgets and planning, a digital marketing strategy can be easily changed halfway through the campaigns.

Digital marketing is faced by the challenge of evolving technologies. Every year there are new social media platforms being created. This creates a challenge in that there are more platform than what a digital marketing agency Kenya can’t spread itself thinner to manage marketing itself in all of them. However, when a business is innovate enough they will be able to withstand any abrupt change in technologies. Disruption has become the keyword in digital marketing the world over. That said, companies need to embrace digital marketing Kenya wholeheartedly.

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Digital marketing Kenya starts with a great website!!

Creating a website has become simpler in recent years with the introductions of CMSs. Of course, there are companies running premium platforms. However, there are a few Open source Content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress and Joomla. When you are need to create a website using a CMS you need to consider the aspect of scalability. Furthermore, you need to consider the ease of digital marketing implementation. Our recommendation is the most popular CMS WordPress.

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WordPress is a powerfully light open source content management system that has hundreds of thousands developers contributing to its growth. An open source software is free to use as defined by the license guiding it. More than 30% of the website in the entire world run on WordPress.

Technically, a website is the first step in achieve digital marketing Kenya credibility. In the following paragraphs we will look into some of the digital marketing strategies you can employ to run your business.

Digital marketing Kenya strategies: Content marketing

Moving on we will look into the types of digital marketing strategies you can incorporate in your campaigns. One of the most popular and new catchphrase in digital marketing is content marketing. Content marketing can be executed through the large aspect of SEO with the main component being blogging. There is a science and art to content creation. That’s where SEO comes in. SEO is best executed through compelling, creative, somewhat humorous or informative articles.

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Basically, you need to create content for the readers first and the search engine second. We have numerous articles about SEO. You can go through rigorous training to perfect the art of search engine optimization Kenya. However, hiring SEO experts Kenya is cost effective in the long run.

There is so much power in content marketing. For instance, you have landed on this article because its part of PitchSense content marketing.

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Rules on creating compelling content

  • Create content that will engage your target audience first; in essence this content should add value o the readers.
  • Be consistent on creating your content; writers will keep coming back to your blog or website if you create content they can relate to.
  • Optimize your content for easy find through search engines. Search engines will reward the websites that have the best optimized content
  • Once you follow these rules, readers will be compelled to make purchases on your website.

You should note that creating high quality, compelling articles is dynamic. It requires proficiency because of the competitive nature of the industry. There are better and more established websites gunning for the same spot as you. However, you can always hire SEO Company Kenya to help you with that.

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There is no doubt that YouTube has become the largest and most popular video hosting platform in the world. Creating a business channel on YouTube is a very simple. You use your Gmail account to create one. You can start by creating original content to attract subscribers. The link with its parent company Google, YouTube is a great platform for advertising your products and services. You also get to access the lot of information through YouTube.

How do you build upon YouTube?

  • Start by creating a YouTube channel, and start posting high quality, compelling and relevant content on the channel.
  • Optimize the published content to ensure that you are easily found through the YouTube search function
  • Once you have a sizeable audience you can start converting them into leads and prospect for your business.

One of the biggest take way on YouTube marketing is that once your viewers are hooked they will keep coming back for more. This means you got access to some quality high level leads for your business always.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is quite an effective digital marketing channel that helps business to achieve their marketing goals. In fact, email marketing is considered as a #1 driver of sales for any business or website. In most B2B or even a significant number of B2C you need to be in constant communication with your prospects. They take time before they make a decision to purchase.

  • The process of email marketing is very simple; you start by creating an account with the right email client provider.
  • Next up you should have a highly targeted list of your customers to ensure you send specific and direct messaging to your customers?
  • Lastly, you can now go ahead and email your emailing list with the desired messaging best for your business.

The bottom line is that relying on email marketing you can sure to achieve the best results for your business. Research indicate that a significant number of ecommerce sites have increased sales through email marketing.

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Social media marketing Kenya

There is a lot you can achieve through social media marketing in Kenya. You can achieve this by following a very simple strategy.

  1. Start by creating and solidifying your presence on the desirable social media marketing Kenya platforms. You should single out the social media platforms that are likely to host your target customers.
  2. Content is still king in social media marketing. The best way to retain followers on social media is through creating engaging and out of this world content –so to speak.
  3. The end result is that is you are consistent with the points highlighted above you will have impactful brand awareness. This allows you to make pitches and even create an emailing list to gather leads for your business.

One stark difference between social media platforms and search engine is that information is not curated well enough on the former. Once a post or tweet has created an engagement for a few hours it disappear off the radar completely.  In comparison with a website, you are at the mercies of the social media platform as far as creating a following is concerned.

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As usual, the social media platform most effective in digital marketing in Kenya include Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, LinkedIn. Still working with a social media marketing agency Kenya is at the best of your company.


Paid online advertising

As it is very few business have the luxury of scaling without some form of paid online advertising. When you invest in paid online advertising in the early stages of your business you are simply cutting down the time it will take you to earn leads through organic means. Organic traffic is earned through the methods we have discussed above which include social media marketing, SEO and content marketing.

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How do you win through Paid Online advertising?

  • Single out the location of your target customers online. Where do they hang out? Is it on Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook or any other existing platform?
  • Get your business noticed by spending advertising shilling on these platforms. You can set out to achieve a number of things which include:
  1. Brand awareness
  2. Generating leads
  3. Increasing sales

It’s important to note that if you decide to spend on paid online advertising it will take time before you can find the right mix. It also takes time before you can scale your advertising to fruitful levels.

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PPC (paid per clicks) advertising

We have discussed at length the topic of PPC in another post. However, this is simply purchasing the best spot on the first page of search engines. You can get to the first page of Google through SEO. But if you are impatient you can simply buy the best spot on Google or any other search engines.

PPC ads are also sold on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Social media advertising

When you wish to grow your followers on social media platforms you can use their social media advertising options. This will help you social media pages gain tractions and engagements especially on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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Re-Targeting advertising

Retargeting is also referred to as remarketing. In retargeting kind of advertising you simply use a line of code that helps you to target people who have already visited your website. If you have visited some popular sites such as Jumia Kenya, you will notice that they will start showing their ads to you on Facebook. That’s remarketing!

Influencer marketing

You can’t create a post on digital marketing and fail to mention “influencer marketing”. It has become the in thing in digital marketing Kenya. It’s more like native advertising. An influencer is someone who has a significant following on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter who can endorse your product or services to people who consider him an authority or role model.

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Some great examples of influencers in Kenya include Caroline Mutuko, Henry desagu, Njugush among others. In choosing an influencer you need to choose one related to your business. For instance, Caroline Mutuko is considered an authority in lifestyle issues. It might not make sense to work with her on promoting a generator or tractor because her audience might not be interested in such.

How to create a formidable digital marketing strategy for your business? 

After you have learned all the best input to your digital marketing strategy you need to create a formidable digital marketing strategy. You can choose to be complex about it and work with a an existing example or you can simplify it by following these steps;

  • Check out you can work with as far as the strategy is concerned. This means you have to take your time and conduct thorough research depending on your starting point. The question is where are you in your marketing?
  • Work with a professional marketer or digital marketing company agency Kenya.


This ultimate guide has been summarized to ensure that it’s easier for our readers. In reality all the relevant information need to be present in an eBook to ensure that Kenyans get the most out of it. That said, we as a digital marketing company Kenya are ready to help you make it in digital marketing Kenya. If you have any questions you can always hit us up through our contacts!