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What is the future of digital marketing: how it will affect digital marketing agency Kenya)?

What is the future of digital marketing: how it will affect digital marketing agency Kenya)?

Internationally and locally the digital marketing landscape has really changed. These changes have a direct impact on digital marketing agency Kenya. As it is, the future of marketing is in digital marketing! There have been a surge in influencers led campaigns in Kenya. Also, more and more brands have chosen to utilize chatbots and live videos. Therefore, as digital marketing agency Kenya we know that the needs and demands of the industry are changing simultaneously with the large landscape.

Ultimately, an agency will be axed if they do not adapt to the rapid changes happening. They have to stay relevant at all cost. The digital marketing industry is not a forgiving one. In addition to the live videos, we saw a lot of video content being pushed out there through the various existing social media platforms. Therefore, as digital marketing agency Kenya you can sure that video will still rule the digital marketing streets in 2019.

The use of live videos in marketing

Perhaps, for those that have not noticed, there has been an increase in the use of live videos by users and companies alike. The uptake has not been high with brands. But you can expect more companies to utilize on this kind of direct and result oriented marketing. You got so much power with live videos because you are communicating with your customers in real time. Any digital marketing agency Kenya will be able to harness this power and build a great online presence for its clients.

The relevance of big data, use of artificial intelligence and chatbots

For the longest time in the digital marketing world, it has been agreeable that “content is king”. It has not changed in 2018 neither will it change in 2019. This trend will still be relevant in 2019. Internationally, more brands have taken to the use of big data and artificial intelligence and chatbots. Typically, these are helpful in creating better content. In Kenya, it’s only a few companies that have truly maximized on the use of some of these available tools. But that has not stopped big social media companies to make use of big data in perfecting their advertising methods.

A handful of companies have, however, taken up the use of artificial intelligence and chatbots in Kenya. The latter is becoming a thing and company are customizing their communication with their followers through chatbots. As far as content is concerned, a digital marketing agency Kenya needs to shift from promotion type content and focus more on engaging content. That which will attract users and keep them hooked!

Voice search

Definitely, this is not yet a thing in Kenya. However, you can rest assured that within the next year or two it will be an important factor in digital marketing. It is predicted that in the year 2020 all half of the searches will be through voice. Therefore, as a company or digital marketing agency Kenya you need to integrate voice in your digital marketing campaigns.


Technology will still remain as a key component in digital marketing. It’s up to the brands and digital marketing agency Kenya to ensure that it is well integrated in their marketing strategy. PitchSense is a digital marketing agency Kenya with a great understanding of the use of technology in digital marketing.