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Getting on the first page of Google

Getting on the first page of Google

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SEO services Kenya

In one of the adverts by Daily nation a few years ago a manager said “not advertising is like winking to a girl in the dark”. Basically, he meant to say that she won’t see you when you wink in the dark. Similarly, the same principle can be applied in having a great online presence specifically acquiring SEO services Kenya. If you did a random study on how many businesses have website, you will notice its nearly all of them. However, If you did a further study and asked them how much business they’ve get through their websites quite a number will say minimal or none at all! This is a bit discouraging considering we are living in the information age. Its because, the websites are not optimized through SEO services Kenya.

SEO services Kenya

I mean, a nice website is all it takes to have a formidable online presence, right? Technically, having an online presence starts with a Nice, up to date website. In essence that’s the first step but a lot of work goes into creating a formidable online presence. A good digital marketing agency Kenya can create a great website and still offer formidable SEO services Kenya.

I know most of you might not be aware but when you search for a product online mostly through Google most of the websites you see on the first page might not necessary be offering the best product. In fact you might be surprised that some of the best companies are nowhere near the first few pages of GOOGLE in Kenya. Which means they could be losing out to other tech savvy companies. Of course, the future is in technology. But don’t lose out for not acquiring professional SEO services Kenya!

Best SEO services Kenya

The websites you see on the first page have spent a considerable amount of time and resources for you to find them easily when you search for a product . Why? Because honestly nobody cares about the second page of GOOGLE! The website owners or their IT guys have discovered and learned to appreciate the process of SEO. We too have mastered this secret that’s why we offer SEO services Kenya.  SEO basically means search engine optimization. In simple language this is the process of taking a relatively unknown website to the first page of search engines such as GOOGLE or Yahoo or Bing or Yandex among others. And the continuous efforts of maintaining the website on the first page amidst the competition.

Top seo services Kenya

Getting to the first page of Google or any other search engine is very easy. Of course, its starts with a great website, then understand how search engine work. In the upcoming posts we will discuss features of great websites and also look into how to get on the first page of Google which translates to more business!

PitchSense will gladly work with you to find your way to the first page of Google and help you make money through your website. Talk to us about SEO services Kenya through our phone lines +254 723 085 758 or email us on