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How to generate leads on social media in Kenya

How to generate leads on social media in Kenya

Digital marketing Kenya

Social media marketing Kenya

The explosion of social media Kenya is legendary, if it’s not epic. Rightly speaking every business without social media representation is missing out on a huge opportunity to generate profitable leads. Of course, there has been a need for integrated digital marketing agency Kenya. There is no doubt that social media marketing Kenya is big and the proponents of the revolution are raring to go, are you? The question is not whether you are aiming your profits straight to the sky, the bottom line is that if you are not connected to the social media, then you must have been living is space. The goals might be high, but you just might have missed on an important aspect of doing business in the 21st century.

Social media marketing Kenya

The exponential growth in social media marketing Kenya can be credited to the innovation that have plagued the technological world in the past decade. The rise of the digital marketing agency Kenya etc.  The concerted efforts have lead to growth of an industry that is not specific to tech-savvy individuals but also to the larger business community.
Perhaps, the above explanations seem to have been generalized so much that social media marketing Kenya seems like a foreign term. Well, the best examples of social media platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, and YouTube. It’s good to note that these are just a few examples, there are other emerging and quite frankly formidable social media platforms that indicate much potential such as messaging services WhatApp and Viber. Statistics indicate that people are spending approximately 23% of their time online interacting on social media platforms. In addition, people are spending more time on Facebook that all the other social media platform combined.

Why then are many businesses missing the point?

Obviously, there is no single business strategy that is without its challenges, grasping the social media aspect is no exception. However, there is a tendency by a number of businesses to assume that setting up a social media marketing Kenya strategy is quite a simple task only to realize that it’s not as simple as they thought. The other factor to consider is the the social media Kenya  leads among all the favorable lead generation channels. Here are some of the issues to look out for before getting down to generating leads using social media. You can achieve more by working with digital marketing agency Kenya company.

  • • Competition is high; the competition can be best described as “marketing noise”. Just as you are reading this article thinking of generating leads or have already started doing so on social media so are your competitors. Therefore, it becomes tricky for a business to stand out among the much marketing noise.
  • • Missing links; the zeal for making profit for most businesses is not debatable, but the same cannot be said about strategy, more specifically in a social media strategy. For instance, most businesses have an idea of what they would like to achieve in their income, but translating those ideas in generating leads might not be very clear.
  • • Lack of a long term strategy; even though a large number of businesses are taking it to social media, they do not seem to have a long term social media strategy. Deriving facts from the statistics, I guess it’s safe to say that the number of businesses generating leads is on the increase. As such the social media strategy is quite tempting. The problem is that there are not so much conversions a they are social media campaign.


How one can generate leads using social media

So far we have settled any queries that may arise in the use of social media Kenya and now we move on to the discussion of how to make proper use of social media marketing Kenya in generating leads. There is a rather significant disparity in the number of businesses embracing the social media lead generation strategy to those that make actual conversion. So how can one generate leads using social media marketing Kenya?

Create a road map

It’s very easy for a business to join the social media marketing Kenya bandwagon’ but end up missing the necessary leads. The end results for any social media strategy should be based on making as many conversions as possible. This can be best achieved through creating a well thought out plan. You should take your time in developing a strategy that is in line with your business goals, your sales strategy and your business value proposition. Further on you, you should stratigize on how best to link each of the platforms such as Facebook and Twitter with your existing goals. In such a case, the strategy is clear on what you want to achieve and properly focused on your target audience.

Research is of paramount importance

You need to do your homework first. There are certain measurements that have to be put in place for the proper execution of a social media strategy. For instance, you can use inbound marketing technology for the purpose of conducting keyword research that keeps you informed on your target audience tastes and preferences through the search engines. If you can be able to capture the insights of your target audience, generating leads through social media will be much easier.

Become a member of the social media platform

In order to execute a social media marketing Kenya lead generation strategy you need to be a member of the various social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. As stated previously, it’s necessary to ensure that you come up with a long term strategy that will be instrumental in generating leads for your businesses. This means you have to dedicate substantial resources to your strategy, ensuring that your followers are well informed. The idea is to ensure that you create a connection with your followers, notifying them of any new developments concerning your products, replying to their queries and so on. The content is also another factor that needs to be seriously considered. The content should be informative and directly linked to your products or services.

What about the content?

The content you offer your target audience will play a crucial role in ensuring success in generating leads. The kind of connections you wish to make will determine what kind of content you will share on your social media platforms. The length does not matter as long as the content is aligned to your overall growth strategy. The content you create should be purposefully directed to your dream connections in matter of consistency and clarity. Of course, such insights to your target audience can be collected through inbound marketing technology researching on your target audience interests. In a sense, your target audience will find the answers they are looking for through the content you have posted.

Linking the social media Kenya platforms to the right channels

The social media strategy is supposed to lead visitors to your websites. In addition, social media is supposed to make aware or inform your target audience about your product or services. The social media platforms of your choice need to be linked with your other marketing strategies. In simple terms, your social media activities need to be aligned with your overall business strategy. The entire process needs to be carefully planned and structured bringing on board your marketing desires and carefully disseminating relevant content to your target audience through landing pages on your website.
Therefore, your websites need to have proper landing pages linked to the social media platforms. The landing page needs to have a clear call to action. The kind of content you place on the landing pages should be specific and devoid of unnecessary fillers. For instance, the call to action might be focused on urging visitors to sign up on your website for further interactions on sales. Of course, this information should be clearly stipulated on the landing page.

Your sales team is relevant to your social media Kenya project

You will need to include your sales team in the leads generating process. The sales team should be informed of the kind of insights you have collected about your target audience. The sales team also needs to have access to the insights collected through inbound marketing technology. With such insights, it’s much easier to scrutinize and single out those people who need to be contacted for further sales creation. At this point, the focus should be on ensuring that the leads are converted to tangible sales. Your social media presence will be measured through the conversion you make during this period.

Measuring conversions

When it comes to lead generation, it is necessary to delve into what kind of conversions you are achieving so far into the marketing strategy. There are a myriads of tools that can be used in measuring conversions. For instance, through Google analytics you will be able to measure the kind of traffic you are receiving in your social media platforms. However, the best way to measure your conversions is through the kind of sales you are making ever since you began your social media campaign.


There are a number of advantages associated with the use of social media in generating leads. The social media platforms are useful in creating an awareness for your brands, interacting with potential and existing customers. In the same case, the customers will provide valuable feedback to the business which can be used in the business development. In order for your business or company to reap greatly from a social media onslaught,you need to have a road map that will be effective in your lead generating activities. Companies have lost out on social media conversions by getting into the process without a clear plan. You should ensure that you do not fall into the same trap.