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In house or hiring digital marketing company Kenya

In house or hiring digital marketing company Kenya

A business is always town between running their digital marketing Kenya in house of hiring digital marketing company Kenya. One of the reason being they cost implications or the capacity. Let’s be clear on the onset of this article by saying that it’s not either being right or wrong. When a company thinks of it they have facts backed points to help them make that choice. It’s good to know that the choice of in house and digital marketing company will depend on a number of factors. The questions is: where do you see the business in the next few years?

  • In house

    : this is the type of digital marketing that the entire team running your campaign is employed and supervised by the company. Simply put they work exclusively for your company and report to you. A great in house digital marketing team will include a marketing manager, SEO expert, content creator, graphic designer and developers.

  • Digital marketing company Kenya

    ; this is company that is hired on contractual basis. They have a similar team assembled. They are at liberty to work with your direct competitors if they wish. If the budget allows, they could be different companies offering differentiated branches of digital marketing.

The difference between in house and digital marketing company Kenya

Let’s are look at some of the differences between hiring an agency VS working with an in house marketing team.


  • The in house team are at an arm’s length when you wish to consult with them on something. Plus they have a keen understanding on the company and the larger industry because of exclusively working in it. In addition, they are interviewed and grilled by the company superiors. So they are chosen depending on the company’s culture. On the other hand, digital marketing company Kenya offers more than a group of small people or one employee. It’s rare to find a small team working with your company who can deliver on the demanding tasks of digital marketing.
  • The agency needs to be brought up to speed about your business. Furthermore, you need to search for the right digital marketing agency Kenya that suits your business needs. There is no shortage of talent our there which is a good thing for the digital marketing industry. The choice of either is dependent on your business needs. Do you have a budget to hire a multitude of professionals or leave it to an agency?


  • In house marketer have deeper understanding of the business and your direct competitors. In most cases, every marketer thrives on creativity but working on a single account means they might get bored. Plus, working on multiple accounts offer different challenges which calls for better solutions.
  • The idea of the agency marketer learning a lot from the multiple accounts he/she is working on can also be a disadvantage. Because it could mean that one of the companies they are working on is your competitor.
  • When it comes to making the right choice under creativity it will depend on what you need to achieve. If your in house team is not capable then you can hire a digital marketing company Kenya.

Cost of in house or digital marketing company Kenya

Cost implications are crucial for any business. If you consider the cost of hiring a team in comparison with working with an agency then you can follow that route if your business is capable. To reduce the cost a business may choose to hire a single person who fits all the digital marketing needs of your business. This, however, might strenuous for them in the long run. With a digital marketing company Kenya, the price is either fixed but with slight aspect of change for negotiating customers.

From the above information you can easily make a decision on how to move your business to the next level. You can talk to us through our contacts +254 723 085 758 or email