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PitchSense Media Agency began in early 2015 as a fully-fledged digital marketing agency in Kenya. Initially, PitchSense media was focused on social media marketing which included client’s social media management and marketing. In the same year there was a need for reliable web development and designs services coupled with over the top SEO services. Most clients needed social media but were unaware of how to capitalize on their websites and SEO services to fully maximize on their online presence!

PitchSense media Agency is a digital marketing agency in Kenya. Therefore, our workflow and customer support is very crucial for the business. Our experiences in the digital marketing industry allows to offer tailor made support for our clients. Client’s needs are specific and thus the support should meet each of their needs. That said, we offer diverse services in Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, web design and development, email marketing, content marketing and so on.

PitchSense Media Agency serves a myriad of customers ranging from real estate, Tour Company to a security company among others. There is a myriad of customers in the Kenyan SMEs segment who have learned what it means to grow their digital presence with the right company. Each of our customers requires different services in social media marketing, wed design and development, content marketing, Search engine optimization (SEO) in Kenya.


Ever since we started working with PitchSense 3 years ago we have seen tremendously growth. Our company Goshens Real estate has become known better in the country and Elsewhere!

Andrew K Ndungu

We love the fact that PitchSense gave a upcoming tour company a platform to compete with the big boys using social media, website and Seo. We are proud of working with PitchSense

Francis Kinyanjui
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