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It is becoming clear that the first page of Google is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy in Kenya. The question for most people is how do you get on the first page of Google in Kenya? It’s through a search engine optimization Kenya! Or if you like you can refer to it in its initials SEO –it’s more familiar that way. Search engine optimization Kenya is simply the process of creating better websites to be ranked highly on search engines. Search engines include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and so on. Ultimately, the end goal is for your website to be on the first page of search engine especially Google! Google is the most popular search engine in the country!

Search engine optimization Kenya

As a digital marketing agency Kenya, PitchSense offers services in search engine optimization Kenya. The process of marketing your business through engagements with search engine is referred to as search engine marketing (SEM). The process involves understanding how search engines work and fulfilling all these requirements to ensure that the website ranks better on search engines. The process will include structuring the website according to the required specifications, placing the right amount of links on the website, optimizing images, relevant content creation, submitting sitemaps for new pages creation et cetera.

Best search engine optimization Kenya

Search engine optimization Kenya is extensive and includes the use of social media platform. A reason working with a fully-fledged agency such as PitchSense will be beneficial to your business. It’s good to not that a website takes some time before it reaches the first page of Google. One of the reason is because there are other websites competing for the same keywords as your business. Google also considers the domain age (this is the time your domain has existed on the World Wide Web). We use specific keywords/phrases to optimize the websites since people use the same to make a search on search engines. Therefore, we will include Keyword research in our search engine optimization Kenya process.

Reliable search engine optimization Kenya

In addition, if need be we will have to restructure your website to make all pages accessible by search engines and visitors. All this shall be achieved through targeted search engine optimization Kenya processes. The most crucial aspect of search engine optimization Kenya is the profitability of the website to the business. Being on the first page of Kenya means people will regularly click (a large number of users) on your website. Part of these clicks will be converted to leads and finally to customers.

In most cases online visitors value the referrals they are given by search engines because they respect them. It’s up to the website owners to make them get on the first page of Google especially the first 5 positions! We are here to help through search engine optimization Kenya! Talk to us about Search engine optimization In Kenya through our phone number +254 723 085 758 or through our emails