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How to check ROI in your SEO strategy

How to check ROI in your SEO strategy

Imagine you have put all your efforts in a great SEO strategy as SEO companies Nairobi Kenya practitioner but it becomes increasingly hard to measure the ROI for the clients. Well, this is always the case for most SEO or internal digital marketing team. There are typical methods of measuring ROI which includes monitoring the engagements, Keyword rankings, bounce rates etc. By now, you can’t simply ignore the fact that search engines have tremendously improved their functionalities and results population. But to the experts and the heads in the business the key factor is the correlation of the revenues to the SEO efforts.

In this post we will look into the best ways SEO companies Nairobi Kenya or business can employ to get a near perfect analysis of the ROI. We will analyze three factors we feel that are valuable to any business in monitoring their investments.

Search engine rankings

Typically, as SEO experts Kenya there is a certain feeling of achievement when a particular keyword makes it to the 1st page of Google. Understandably, this is an indication of improvements on the ranking for your website. Therefore, keyword rankings can be used to measure a ROI. However, do not focus on the keywords solely as a measure of success in your SEO strategy because of the following reasons.

  • Personalization of search; because of the advancement of technology, Google has the ability to personalize the search results for a user. Now, this means that Google will look into the saved data, demographics and location to offer the most relevant search results.
  • Individual keywords uniqueness; each keyword has its power as far as ranking is concerned. Keywords should not be treated equally because they hold different weight. For instance keywords such as SEO agencies Kenya and SEO companies Kenya might appear to be similar. However, if one is on the first page while the other on the 6 page. The one of the first page dropping rank will affect the ROI instead of the other one.

Plus, you need to look into the search volumes of each keywords. What are people really searching for? Are they searching through one variation of the keywords or the other? These are the questions you need to consider when measuring ROI.

Ideally, all businesses need to understand that you won’t make much progress through short term SEO. Long term SEO is best for business. With the constant changes in algorithms and competitors creating newer content you can’t help but follow a long term strategy. In essence, your website should become the authority in your industry. Get people referring to your website as far as great content marketing is concerned.

When you are checking search engine ranking you should ensure that you seriously consider the aspect of personalized search results. Put yourself in the potential customer’s shoes. There a numerous tools you can use to monitor the keywords ranking that are not as personalized. Pick one and stick to it because their criteria differs slightly or significantly.

Focus on the organic traffic

When it comes to monitoring organic traffic for SEO companies Nairobi Kenya, there is no better tool that Google analytics. It is the free option with added premium options for large corporations. There are a myriad of tools that are helpful to your overall SEO strategy.

Organic traffic can be differentiated from non-branded keywords and the branded Keywords. Basically, the branded keywords are those that have the name of the company such as PitchSense Social media marketing. On the other hand, non-branded keywords do not have the brand name such as SEO experts Kenya, SEO companies Kenya etc.

Focus on conversions and ROI

Lastly, you need to set up SMART goals for your SEO strategy. Ultimately, you need to see unprecedented growth from the overall strategy. Once, you realize that not every visitor will become your customer you will have to serious consider the conversions rate. How many people are making purchases from organic traffic?

In conclusion you need to focus on the three measuring methods to ensure you have the clear picture of ROI.