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The excitement of a key phrase making it to page one for an SEO company Kenya

The excitement of a key phrase making it to page one for an SEO company Kenya

As a SEO company Kenya, there is always the excitement of seeing key phrases get to the first page of search engines. More so, if they are our client’s keywords. It is battle out there when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) in Kenya. So many SEO companies Kenya are fighting to have their key phrases feature among the first ten websites on the first page. Even so they wish to make it to the first coveted three spots. Therefore, it’s easier to imagine the excitement of being on the first page.

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For every SEO company Kenya, it starts by Indexing, then Keyword research, content creation. Lastly, it gets to the painstakingly, strenuous task of checking out your key phrases on the search engine radars. Now, it gets interesting when there is slow movement from the lowly ranked SERPs (search results) to the higher ranked ones.

The function of the SEO Company Kenya in all this…

There is always a lot at stake with getting a key phrase to the first page of Google. You are competing with millions of website in the world. Search engine have a global approach even if you are targeting a particular region. By definition, the job of an SEO company Kenya is very simple. In practice, however, it’s a long and tiring journey that leaves anyone famished. But it’s the fruits of our labors that make the entire journey so exciting.  So what are the function of the SEO Company Kenya?

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  • Submitting website; during this period the website is submitted for indexing by Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Each search engine has a stipulated way of submitting websites. You should follow each as subscribed.
  • Create sitemaps; the sitemaps are crucial in notifying search engines when you have added a new page, link, content, image or even a file.
  • Keyword research; the SEO Company Kenya utilizes available tools to conduct through research on the best key phrases to be used during the SEO process. There are a myriad of Keyword research tools (both free and paid) that you can use for your business.
  • Content creation; in simple terms, they say “Content is King!” Content is very crucial in any SEO strategy. It’s the job of the SEO Company to either create or outsource unique and relevant content for the strategy.
  • Run on analytics; once the SEO strategy has been executed as planned then we need to have a way to measure the success and failure. That’s the job of analytics such as Kissmetrics, Google analytics and so on

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SEO cannot run on its own it needs to be run alongside PPC (pay per clicks) Ads and social media marketing. That way, it becomes easier to harness the power of search engine optimization when working the right SEO Company Kenya. PitchSense is an SEO company offering the best in SEO services Kenya. You can contact us through our phone number +254 723 085 758 or email