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SEO Company Kenya search engine optimization processes

SEO Company Kenya search engine optimization processes

Have you ever wondered what goes behind the scene in getting a website to the first page of Google? Well, technically it’s very difficult getting an entire website to the first page of Google. However, you can get individual pages to the first page of Google for certain key phrases. In each of these pages or entire website (for the lucky few) there is the process that is followed. The SEO Company is in charge of the entire process and it helps the business website get to the first page of google seamlessly.

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What is the function of the SEO Company Kenya?

The SEO Company Kenya is in charge of the entire process. The company ensures that everything is done correctly and in the right order. We will highlight and then discuss each of the processes to help you get a picture of SEO in Kenya. And how it is done.

Website submission by SEO Company Kenya

Now, the process of website submission is simply making Google or any other search engine aware of the existence of your website. Each search engine has unique stipulated ways for website submission. In a separate post we have highlighted how a site is submitted on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Although, Yahoo search engine uses Bing technology after Yahoo was purchased by Microsoft.

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Keyword Research by SEO Company Kenya

This is a crucial aspect of SEO which cannot be ignored. Keyword research ensure that you target the right people for your SEO. For instance, one of our clients is a tour company. They offer tour vans for hire targeting tourists and corporate clients. However, if they used particular keywords, they might attract the wrong people. People are searching for “buses for hire” to travel upcountry might find them.

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This are not their specific clients. Therefore, as SEO Company Kenya we use various tools to help us come with the right dynamics and keyword variations. There are free and paid tools that will help a business get to the first page of Google quicker.

Content creation by SEO Company Kenya

Once the key phrase are ready, the next step is creating the content that will be vital in taking the website to the first page of search engines. One key element in the content creation is doing high quality content that fits the search engine requirements. The content is created by SEO Company Kenya.

Alongside the content creation is the link building process which involves adding the right backlinks and internal links for the business. Search engine have placed priority on backlinks because of the authority they represent. The search engine robots interpret this as a sigh of authority which deserves to be rewarded by a nice position on the first page.


Once, the content has been created we need to measure the results of the SEO process of a particular website. Again there are free and premium tools available for this functions. The most common is Google analytics and Google console. Google analytics and Google console are free tools that are quite effective in measuring the SEO process and website visitors respectively