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Best SEO tips for video marketing

Best SEO tips for video marketing

Perhaps, due to the cost of internet in Kenya most companies and SEO experts Nairobi Kenya do not lay much emphasis on video marketing. Or they do not spend as much effort on video marketing. However, globally in the digital marketing space videos have become crucial. They help companies to generate more leads consequently increasing sales for their business. Better videos means better brand awareness.

How SEO comes in in video marketing?

First of all, it’s necessary to recognize the best places you can post your videos including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. When you need to capture the attention of decision makers you can easily do that through optimizing your video content with the help of SEO experts Nairobi Kenya. Now that we are aware of the necessity of optimizing video content lets dig into the aspect and the functionalities.

There is minimal differences in ranking factors on vides on Google. The search robots consider the same factors when pushing your website on SERPs. Technically, it’s more like optimizing your images or blog content.

We have prepared methods of optimizing your videos even if you are not working with SEO experts Nairobi Kenya. Read on to get more on the subject.


Through transcribing your video

When you wish to offer two option you should consider transcribing your video. Furthermore, this tactic will prove helpful when it comes to optimizing your content. You will can perform you SEO tricks on the content. Additionally, this content will appear on one page. It might seem like its contravening duplicate content rules but it is worth it. There are two methods you can follow when transcribing your video. You can either transcribe it word for word or you can highlight the tidbits especially in long videos.

You can test which method is better for your followers.

Optimize video titles and Meta descriptions

Just like in normal SEO you need to optimize your titles and Meta descriptions with the right keywords. In most cases Google will reward you if you have done a good job on this. The choice of title tags and Meta description tag should encourage searchers to click through. It should compel them to take positive action. On this one you need to follow stipulated rules for better results

Apply data structure for easy find (schema markup)

One of the reason you need to employ the schema markup is because some people make video searches using the normal Google page instead of the video search. The schema markup will provide all the necessary information search engine need to rank your videos appropriately. You do not have to worry about the seemingly technical schema markups. All you have to do is to head on to Google’s support pages and learn all the requirements for schema markups. They have all that indicated on their pages.

Keyword research

Of course, this is a crucial aspect in any strategy run by SEO experts Nairobi Kenya. You have to optimize your videos on the best keywords that people are searching for. The targeted keywords must be part of your overall SEO strategy.

Lastly, you can submit video sitemaps to Google search console just as you do with other web pages. This allows your videos to be easily discoverable through the Google search engine.