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Why SEO Is the Key to Making Money Online In Kenya

Why SEO Is the Key to Making Money Online In Kenya

Perhaps, to those that are not privy of this important truth, search engine optimization (SEO) is key in making money online in Kenya. Businesses including SEO experts Kenya or blog owners or websites can easily make money with the right SEO strategies. In addition, a website can create sponsored content or sell advertisements to make money. Or they could sell affiliate links or run an eCommerce platform. Even though businesses it’s not as popular as the others subscription services will help your business make more money.

But after all is said and done, SEO by SEO Company Kenya is the firsts step in bringing in webs traffic to your website. This article will discuss how this can be done with the help of a SEO agency Kenya.

Understanding SEO (search engine optimization)

When someone makes a search on Google, the robots working automatically will provide the most relevant answer to what you are looking for. Now through search engine optimization and the help of SEO experts Kenya, your website becomes the answer that people easily find at the top. I will share with you an example on our company.

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For instance, if you make a search on ”SEO company Kenya”, you will notice that we appear among the top results. We can take the example further why don’t you search for “SEO pricing kenya” you will notice that the PitchSense website is ranked highly on the search results pages (SERPs). Finding us on the first page of Google is not accidental, it is deliberate and intentional work of SEO agency Company Kenya magic so to speak.

In the following article we will explain how we got to the first page of Google for the keywords we have shared above. In fact, we are ranked highly for other key phrases as well under different topics including social media marketing, digital marketing, web design and development and digital marketing training in Kenya.

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What is the importance of being ranked highly on Google?

For starters Google is the mother of all traffic in the world. Technically, Google is the most visited website in the world. This means even getting a small portion of traffic for keywords in your industry can significantly boost your website to extreme heights. Secondly, you can remain on top as long as the optimized content is well done and stays relevant! I know by now you are excited to know how we have ranked highly for these key phrases “SEO Company Kenya”, “SEO agency Kenya and “SEO experts Kenya”. Well, we are also excited to share these truths with you as we get along.

The process of search engine optimization: What to look for?  How to do it?

In digital marketing “content is King”. However, Google does not just focus on the content solely, there are other factors that are put into consideration including the site’s speed, quality of content and so on.

The site’s speed

Google is focused on helping humanity. Therefore, they perceive a site loading with much prominence as humans do. For one, almost all humans are impatient when it comes to internet usage. So when you site loads faster, it will retain its visitors who are potentially great leads! ‘

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You can begin by optimizing your images for web. There are a number of ways you can optimize your web images to ensure they run perfectly. One way, is through creating accelerated mobile pages. Needless to say, do not upload images in their raw format or original version especially if they have a higher resolution. There are a number of software you can use to reduce the file size including using adobe Photoshop.

What about the sites authority?

Now this is where it gets tricky! Authority is a crucial factor in ranking websites highly on SERPs. You can get authority from other websites linking or quoting your articles or content, from how users visit your website and from big brother Google himself. Consistency in creating content will help you improve your authority. For instance, on our blog we have topics under the key phrases we highlighted above which as “SEO experts Kenya” “SEO Company Kenya” and “SEO agency Kenya”.

Over a particular period we have gained Google’s trust for creating articles around these topics. Of course, these articles are meant to help our readers such as this one you are reading right now. They are meant to help other SEO agencies Kenya as well. Because once you are ranked highly on Google you get to offer valuable information to thousands of people.

Occasionally, when you developed solid trust with users and Google you get to enjoy top positions comfortably. For example, if you search “SEO pricing Kenya” or “SEO charges Kenya” you will realize that the PitchSense website has occupied two or three top positions because of the relevance and authority of the content we share on our website.

That said, it’s good for websites to stay within their lanes. Simply put a website such as ourselves will not be ranked highly in subject we do not cover. Simply put, you only rank highly for topics you have chosen to rank for.  When it comes to creating quality content you have to be specific. By this I mean that you should not run a general website. You need to write on niches or specific geographic location. For example, in all our optimized keywords we have indicated the word Kenya. Because we do not wish to rank in the entire world but rather on the country Kenya

How to write optimal content with the help of SEO experts Kenya

By now, I know you are wondering how you get to write high quality, well optimized content on your website. The first consideration you need to have is the key phrase that you wish to rank for. Then you can create pieces of content around that key phrase. We have created content around “SEO” thus getting “SEO company Kenya” “SEO agency Kenya” “SEO experts Kenya” as our key phrases.

These keywords are also deliberate. We came up with these keywords after doing researching on what people are searching for in the SEO Kenya industry.

The other thing you need to know is that you keywords should be in the heading and the content itself. Here are some examples of headings surrounding the keyword we choose in the above examples:

  1. How to start an SEO agency Kenya
  2. How to hire an SEO agency Kenya
  3. Advantages of SEO company Kenya
  4. Importance of working with SEO Company Kenya
  5. What do SEO experts Kenya do?
  6. Which are the best SEO experts Kenya?

From the headlines titles we have listed above you will notice that we have creatively included the key phrases we wish to optimize for. Next you need to include the Key phrase in your headline 2 or H2 tag. The other way keywords appear in an article is through relayed article links. I mean, you need to add internal links from one article to another on your website. This will help readers immensely and also boost the ranking of your website for various keywords on your website.

If you are using WordPress you can use Yoast plugin to help in organizing your SEO. There are numerous tools you can rely on both on WordPress especially if you are willing to spend money on the premium tools.

When it comes to writing great online articles you need to write with the readers in mind and not necessarily for the search engines. Most tools and SEO experts Kenya will advise on writing articles above three hundred words and more. It gets better when you write eBooks like articles with up to 2500 words, 4000 words and 12,000 eBooks.

The more they are the better for Google ranking. The search engine such as Google requires you to write in an easy to understand language even if you are writing on technical subjects. Also, it does not hurt if you go in depth in your research to ensure that you give your readers the highest value when they read the article.

Sharing content with through the right channels

The content you create needs to reach people through the right marketing channels. The best channels for sharing content are social media networks. In the eyes of Google, sharing of your content creates an authority thus ranking your website higher. When you have more people recommending your website or blog you are attracting potential customers.

In Kenya Facebook groups are very powerful resources for sharing content from your website. If you have a considerable following it will help boost your reach. For instance if you have a following of 4000 on Twitter or Instagram you can increase this number by tapping into the ever increasing popular Facebook groups.  There are groups with more than 2 million followers.

We’ve have prepared articles on how to conquer article sharing on social media. In fact it is an entire strategy on social media marketing in Kenya. You can read the article and get to learn more on the subject