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Questions that guide building an SEO and social media strategy with SEO company Kenya

Questions that guide building an SEO and social media strategy with SEO company Kenya

We have prepared questions from our clients that will help come up with the right answers for social media strategy and SEO.

Q: Where should a client spend more money? Is it on social media or SEO?

From a SEO company Kenya perspective social media and SEO are both babies of the same mother so to speak. They are both crucial in digital growth. However, if you simply focus at one platform solely, it will be at the expense of the other. The idea is to create a sustainable strategy that will keep users coming back to make purchases. It boils down to building long lasting relationships.

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For instance, if you focus heavily on search engine optimization you are at the mercies of Google algorithm. You could end up losing significant amount of traffic to a penalty or even rapid competition. Similarly, Facebook is notorious for changing its algorithm to make people spend more advertising Shillings. In effect such platforms might affect your revenues in the long run. A few years ago so many websites were affected by Google’s updates the “Penguin” and “panda”.

So how should we approach strategies in social media and SEO?

For one, do not rely heavily on one digital marketing platform between social media and SEO. Your approach and strategy should involve both seamlessly. What do I mean? When you consider the amount it cost to acquire and retain customers then you can use that as your starting point. Each channel should improve your core business by bringing in new customers and retaining the existing ones.

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As in  previous articles we have discussed the best SEO approach. For instance, when you learn that you can easily sell by focusing on particular keywords then you simply answer the questions that these people might be having. For example, if you are a SEO company Kenya. People might be searching for “best SEO company Kenya”. But instead of simply optimizing for these keywords alone. You could answer questions that your target user could be searching for.

For instance, questions on “what is SEO Kenya?” “How much SEO cost in Kenya?” If you are willing to spend your money on Google Ads just remember that it really costs a lot to sustain spending on PPC. In addition, people can easily distinguish between organic SEO and paid advertising. When you answer pertinent customer’s questions Google will reward the value you are adding. In the long run this will translate to better ranking on the search results pages (SERPs)

What is the best strategy for social media by SEO company Kenya?

Social media is centered on meaningful conversations and engagements. Furthermore, it is through this structured conversations that your brand gets more shares and likes. Make sure that the content you share on social media evoke the right emotions to inspire them to share more of your messaging. If it’s done correctly, social media strategy will bring customers to your physical locations. Of course, the same engagements will help retain them as your followers.

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The bottom line is that you digital marketing strategy depends on both social media and SEO. Additionally, you should also consider email marketing because you have more control over them. Keep in mind that engaging your customer is a key factor in digital marketing.