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How to measure social media metric in Kenya

How to measure social media metric in Kenya

The power of social media keeps on pulling out imaginable tricks off the hat. Surprisingly, business have seen viral growth by the strength of reply on their social media pages. Conversely, others have lost their glory on the weakness of Facebook line. Whichever the case the power is evidently conspicuous. You can’t help but wish for better businesses, increased revenues through social media channels.

In the backend, however, there are actions and reactions that seem measurable. That is, sometimes without the help of a social media marketing agency Kenya you seem lost. How do you measure the impact on your social media sharing? Read on to learn more.

Rely on the availed social media insights

The good thing about social media channels and most digital marketing campaigns is the availability of analytics. Through the use of the internal social media metrics you can learn a lot about your audience. For instance, you get to know all the popular posts which you can optimize further. Additionally, you can see the number of people who actually click on a link form your social media channel to your website. Social media marketing agency Kenya refer to that as click through rate (CTR)

However, it’s good to warn you that sifting through the complex data is not a walk in the park. That’s where the help of a social media marketing agency Kenya comes in handy. Through their expertise and experience they can easily decipher the numbers and produce a strategy that you can rely on for your digital marketing. Ultimately, you need to increase revenues for your business. The social media analytics will help you get all these numbers include, the growth of audience, post engagements, etc.

Capitalize on the numbers for increased market presence

Ideally, you should not rely on one source of data. There are numerous methods to collect data on your social media channels. Some of the methods are internally built with the social media platforms while other are externally connected to your website to measure the audience reactions. When you have a clear picture of how the followers are engaging you can easily turn that into more money. For instance, a video post might be bringing in a lot of traffic back to your website. In such a case, the best thing to do is to push out such post on the social media channels.

Furthermore, the metrics can also indicate how the users are reacting to your posts in terms of speed, engagements and CTR. This is a plus for the business because then you will see how to respond to such information!

Use social media for more growth in your business

As social media marketing agency practitioners we have seen quite a number of businesses grow exponentially. However, they followed the right channels and the strategies we subscribed. Therefore, they were able to achieve maximum growth. So how do they use social media?

  • They leverage on customer service; most smart businesses will capitalize on every opportunity to offer better customer service.
  • Brand awareness; what better way to push your brand out there than through social media channels. The channels are effective in building your brand to greater heights. Of course, if you follow the best social media marketing agency advice.
  • Yes you can sell on social media! So many retail type businesses are actually run on social media with the right social media marketing strategies!


Social media has a lot of potential and you can’t help but find your footing through it. In the data industry they say that “data is the future” which to some extent is true. Because even the post you are reading right now is all about data. Now the question is how using data to build better social media are marketing strategies. Drop us an email if you have a question or comment today.