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How Social Media Can Act as a Primary Sales Channel for Your Business in Kenya

How Social Media Can Act as a Primary Sales Channel for Your Business in Kenya

A few years ago online business were rarity in Kenya. Social media was just picking up and it’s a few businesses that needed the help of best social media marketing agency Kenya. However, with a decade all this has changed and we have business run entirely on social media especially Facebook. Of course, you have gone through a lot of content online looking for the best way to make your social media the primary sales channel. Do not worry this post will show you how.

First of all, it’s good to clear that not all social media channels are beneficial to your business. Reason being that clients will always pose questions to best social media marketing agency Kenya: which is the best social media channel? The answer is not clear as day and night. Some will go ahead and have a presence on almost all the social media platforms. This might not be necessary!

Which is the best social media channel for my business?

We will simply answer this question through an example. When you are working a B2B business you will gain more insights and customers through LinkedIn. On the other hand when you are selling mass products such as clothes you can gain much traction through Instagram.

On the same breath, it is good to know that Facebook is a multi-purpose channel that can fit almost any type of business in the B2B and B2c categories. How do you build your social media channels?

  1. Your ultimate goal should be to become an authority in your industry
  2. Offer the right content to your target customers.
  3. Focus on the right social media channels that best suit your business
  4. Make automation a long term partner in your build up.

Some of the reason that make Facebook a great marketing channel is because of the number of users, The kind of engagement users have on the social media channel. In Kenya you can capitalize on one of the best social media marketing agency Kenya tactic –Facebook groups. Facebook groups have a lot of power to build your brand and start making commendable sales. If you are focused on retail then Facebook is winner. So many people have created “eCommerce” like businesses without even having eCommerce websites to support them. And it’s working perfectly for them!

That said, Facebook remains a poor selling channel for B2B companies because of the kind of users hosted there. However, B2B companies should not worry because we have LinkedIn for that specific purpose!

LinkedIn marketing

When it comes to LinkedIn marketing you have to capitalize on the aspect of networking and building relationships. Just like on Facebook, you need to become an authority in your industry. Create content that resonates with your followers. The content must be engaging. Through posting continually you get to understand what works best. Once you do that you are able to target your potential B2B customers through personalized messaging.

To avoid come out as impersonal make sure you conduct thorough research to help your business grow.

The bottom line is that you should not rely heavily on displaying ads without personal connections. Lastly, you can achieve a lot through working with best social media marketing agency Kenya for your social media strategy.