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Social media marketing prices Kenya

Social media marketing prices Kenya

social media marketing prices Kenya

Are you looking for the best social media marketing prices Kenya? Well, before we lay down the process of coming up with the best price we will share a warning! Please do not comprise on quality because of the so called cheap prices. Social media marketing has evolved to become a very powerful industry manned by highly skilled professionals such as those working with PitchSense Kenya. It has stopped being about simply posting. Instead social media marketing Kenya is determined by a number of factors. Most importantly, Social media marketing strategy should invoke meaningful conversations.

In the pasts it was all about likes, comments, retweets or even trending. However, brand are taking a long term approach to how they manage social media marketing & digital marketing Kenya for their businesses. Here are a few pointers guiding social media marketing prices Kenya.

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Scope of work affecting social media marketing prices Kenya

Social media platforms are being created almost every day. However, it’s only about four social media platforms that seem to be relevant in Kenya. Each social media platform should be in line with your overall marketing strategy. Don’t just pick a social media platform based on the popularity or extensive use by other brands. Typically, the scope of work will determine the social media marketing prices Kenya.

If the social media marketing will include all the social media platforms available then it will cost you more. However, if you choose to work on one social media marketing platform it will be cheaper. PitchSense Kenya charges Ksh 20,000 (2018) for one social media platform management. Usually this is targeted to start ups and small businesses.

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Social media marketing bring together a host of professionals especially if you are working with a social media marketing agency Kenya. Each of these professionals contribute to the social media marketing of a brand. The social media professionals include designers, SEO experts, affordable web design Kenya, online media buyers and so on.

The more professionals dedicated to your social media marketing means an increase in the social media marketing prices Kenya.

Quality and social media marketing prices Kenya

As stated earlier, you should never comprise on quality because of prices. Do not comprise on quality conversations. Do not comprise of quality engagements. Do not comprise on quality following. When you choosing a digital marketing company Kenya to run your social media marketing you should focus on quality. One of the reasons PitchSense charge set their social media marketing prices Kenya is because of quality.

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We promise on quality and over deliver on our promises. We have a number of tried and tested methods that we love to execute with each of brand we work with. If you have any questions on social media marketing prices Kenya contact us through our phone number +254 723 085 758 or email hello@pitchsense.co.ke