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Kenyans and Africa at large have finally taken up social media marketing Kenya as a viable form of acquiring new clients and communicating with existing ones. Social media is broad to say the least. It extends to the new and upcoming social media platforms to the old and established ones such as Facebook and Twitter. For each of the existing social media platforms in Kenya and Africa the approach and expected results are quite different. Why? Because each attracts a myriad of users not comfortable in the other social media platforms. Or you could say they might feel out of place in the other social media platforms.

Social media marketing services Kenya

As a digital marketing agency in Africa, Social media marketing is one of our offerings. In its core meaning we are indeed your social media managers when engaging in fruitful marketing activities. These activities include design, content creation, followers engagement, customer services and promotions. From experience we know quite a lot about business to business (B2B) and Business to community (B2C) use of social media. Each of these type of businesses requires different approach and most importantly the specific social media platform.

Best social media marketing services Kenya

For instance, a company offering much targeted products such as Industrial machinery or medical appliances might not achieve much through Facebook or Instagram marketing in Kenya. However, their marketing endeavors will bear a lot of fruits if they use LinkedIn or Search engine marketing (SEM) Kenya. Conversely, a retail clothing store social media marketing Kenya will do great with the use of Facebook or Instagram. These two social media platforms have a mass appeal that is unrivalled by others.

Top social media marketing services Kenya

It’s good to also recognize that the most popular social media platform in Kenya and perhaps Africa is Facebook and Whatsapp. The latter due to its phone number usage meaning most people with smartphones (and they are many) are already on whatsapp. Social media marketing Kenya is usually combined with great web design & development and SEO (search engine optimization) Kenya.

The most popular social media platforms for social media marketing Kenya include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo


In our subsequent blog posts we will highlight some of the Key issues in each of the social media platforms. We will highlight how business owners can capitalize on the use of Social media marketing Kenya using each of the above.

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