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Ways to use social proof for a better social media strategy

Ways to use social proof for a better social media strategy

Online wisdom will advise that it’s better to invest in a long term social media marketing strategies. That said, it’s easier for a brand to look for ways to quicken their reach and engagements and following for social proof. Nevertheless, in the process they end up doing a shoddy job in achieving long term leverage. However, this post will not counter this wisdom but it’s out to strengthen it but picking it at an advanced level of your social media strategy. As a social media marketing company Kenya we know a lot about social media strategies!

By definition or representation by social media marketing company Kenya social proof is: it is the idea of people conforming to the action of groups is they deem the actions as correct. It is in itself psychological. In other words it is described as social influence. In the past in Kenya comedians have played with this concept long enough. You have heard of people joining a group of people staring and point to a building anxiously without even getting to know why they are doing it. This is a good example of social influence. In the digital space this is crucial in creating social proof. This is a science backed concept that you can capitalize on in your social media strategies.

So the question is what are you supposed to do to leverage on social proof for your business? First of all, it’s great to know that social influence can manifest itself in a popular person, a professional, group of people or even through certification of some kind.

Creating social proof

The best way to show social proof is through displaying your social media activities on your website. For one this will show that you are popular on social media as well. This can be backed by a real time collection of your social media activities on Facebook, Twitter or any other platforms you are represented. Each time a visitor comes to your website they get to appreciate your popularity.


Work with the experts in your industry

This is where true social influencing work to your advantage. If you have an expert in your industry recommending your products and services more people will follow your brand. Also a celebrity has the potential to bring a lot of visitors to your website by mentioning your brand. These type of people are referred to as “influencers” and they have helped many brands increase sales through their influencing.

Appreciate your followers’ milestones

This really works well especially when it is consistent. For example if you are running a Facebook page you can be grateful to your followers by notifying them a new milestone. On Facebook it can be a reaching a thousand followers or even an anniversary. If you have an app you can notify users when you reach a certain number of downloads. On YouTube you get to thank people for reaching a certain number of subscribers!

Make sure you revert to your followers

As a social media marketing company Kenya, we have noticed that brand have a challenge when their following becomes larger. You should ensure that you respond to every comment on your Facebook page and twitter. When you do not respond to your followers it appears as not credible and a bit arrogant for the brand.

Invest in Live videos or streaming with social media marketing company Kenya

Any social media marketing company Kenya will tell you that live streaming is just perfect. In the initial stages it appear to be very intimidating, however, as you get better at it you realize that it’s worthwhile. As the number of views increase so does your social proof. It’s a great way to have more people trusting your brand.

Lastly, it’s great to work with a social media marketing company Kenya. It helps when you got questions and wish to perfect your social proof.