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The perfect balance between engagement SEO and Technical SEO

The perfect balance between engagement SEO and Technical SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) Kenya has changed dramatically over the years. It has had its fair share of its tough updates that ended up affecting the websites that didn’t follow the right procedures. Any SEO company Nairobi Kenya that has been long in the industry can attest to the visible changes. Of course, they could be very few companies that have been in existence because it’s only in the past few years that SEO has started taking shapes in the country.

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There is no doubt that Google has gone to great length to ensure that people making searches get the right answers on this platform. We have to give it to their algorithms which has become a beckon of people to hard working webmasters so to speak. These days the bulk of getting a website to the first pages of search engines stops with SEO Company Nairobi Kenya.

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What is the best SEO strategy?

Now that we have started discussion, I bet the reader is interested to know which the best SEO strategy is. The choice is between the technical SEO and engagement SEO. Technical SEO is focused on laying the underlying framework for the right SEO in the website code. On the other hand engagement SEO is all about creating high quality content aimed at the readers. Technically, you should spend more time the engagement SEO than on the technical SEO. This remains as the ideal situation but do not ignore technical SEO as well. It usually begins with technical SEO Kenya then moving on to the engagements SEO for longer period of time.

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What to look for in technical SEO?

As stated above, technical SEO is all about optimizing the site underlying code. In reality, search engines focus on the technical aspect of w website when crawling on your website. This require a website to have accessible code that allows a website to load efficiently.  The following are the issues you need to check in technical SEO:

  • Accessibility issues: these are typically crawl issues that will stop the search robots from accessing your web pages. You can handle these issues through checking the robot.txt file or the wrong use of NON index tag.
  • Rendering Issues; at times some of the pages are missing in the crawl process. An SEO company Nairobi Kenya or any webmasters need to check through the Google search engine to ensure that google captures everything!
  • Numerous 404s, on their website Google says that the 404 s might not affect ranking. However, you need to follow appropriate processes when you notice there are many 404s. You can perform 301 redirects with the help of SEO Company Nairobi Kenya.
  • Mobile usability; this cannot be emphasized further because of the importance Google has laid on its ranking factors. It’s quite simple: make your webpages responsive or add AMP on your website.
  • Avoid slow speeds; when your site loads slowly, typically because of use of JavaScript, it tends to create a bad user experience and Google tend to notice. There are number of tools that can help you create a well optimized website.

What to look for in engagement SEO?

Google says that they consider about 200 ranking factors for their search engine rankings. That said, there are some seemingly conspicuous factors you can look into such as the use of links, quality content and RankBrain. Now, when it comes to engagement SEO all these can be achieved within the right frameworks. You are simply creating content to engage and retain visitors on your website.

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When you post high quality content regularly you are able to retain a lot of visitors to your sites. Ultimately, engagement SEO by SEO Company Nairobi Kenya standards will help build a long list of cumulative content that visitors can enjoy and share with others.

We had extensively discussed the key factors to consider in engagement SEO Kenya in a previous post. For one, you need to create high quality content. By now, that is a no brainer. Secondly, you need to consider the user intent to help in strategizing on the best content marketing approach.

Link building is another effective strategy which we have also discussed extensively in our various SEO blog posts. Link building is categorized as internal link building and backlinks. There is much authority when a website gets backlinks. So you should aim for that. Additionally, you should avoid creating spammy links to avoid getting penalized.

Finally, you need to continually look out for insights and trends on changes in Google algorithms. They really change really fast! The Google algorithm is referred to as the RankBrain. It defines how websites are ranked. All in all, with the help of a SEO company Nairobi Kenya you can authoritatively rank higher on SERPs.

There needs to a balance between technical SEO and engagement SEO with the former taking the least of your efforts.