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The rise of the Facebook groups and live video in Kenya

The rise of the Facebook groups and live video in Kenya

The other day a participant at forum I had attended asked a very pertinent question. He asked “what is the best way to capitalize on the growing number of Facebook group users in Kenya?” There was a discussion around this topic from other participants for a few minutes. Of course, this is a topic close to my heart as a leader in one of the best social media marketing agency Kenya. The short answer is (at least according to my opinion): use Facebook live video features. I will try to explain why this is a crucial tool in Facebook marketing in the following paragraphs.

The longer answer is that you can use varied method to capture the attention and imagination of these users. However, as you can derive from the title this post is about the rise of Facebook Groups and live videos. So the bias will be towards the first answer I gave.

Facebook Groups reach is unbelievable

When I joined Facebook a decade ago the best performing Facebook group had less than 300 members. Facebook was not so popular back then. However, recently I was conducting a study and realized that there were a dozen Facebook groups with more than 1 million members. For the best social media marketing agency Kenya that number is huge. Of course, it’s very hard to capture all these people together. However, with Facebook live or Facebook stories you can. Now magic happens when you combine this with strategies from best social media marketing agency Kenya.

Facebook group live can reach a big audience

If you combine consistency and great content you can easily capture the imagination of millions of Facebook members. Remember as any best digital marketing agency will put “give people informative content”. Because if you start selling your product right away you will lose Kenyans quite easily. The content should be based on your product. You should prepare well in advance to ensure you curb difficult questions from the users. Once a live video goes on members are notified. This is a great thing since you can reach a wider audience.

Facebook Group live is quite affordable

As I was doing my study I got to learn more about advertising on these groups. For instance, one admin told me that they charge Kes 6,000 per month to hold weekly live videos. To me that seem fair for any business since the amount of traction they’ll get is unbelievable. As the best social marketing agency Kenya we help brand to set up such campaigns including coming up with the content.

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