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What is a CMS? Examining WordPress

What is a CMS? Examining WordPress

What is WordPress?

Occasionally, you will hear a web designer from web design companies Kenya mention the initials CMS. You should not be alarmed by what seems to be the web design industry jargon. It’s a very simple concept that helps anyone to manage the content on their website easily. What is a CMS? CMS stands for (content management system). Basically, a content management system is a web application that is created to help non techie change the content of their website without interfering with the underlying code.

The content management system industry has evolved over the decades to create some very powerful and agile applications. Some companies choose to create their own fully customized CMSs or run their website using already existing CMSs.  The latter is better because of some reason we will share as of the web design companies Kenya. Some of the most popular CMSs include WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc. However, we will have separate blog posts on each of the CMSs listed above. For now we look into WordPress –the world most popular CMS platform

Understanding WordPress

WordPress is perhaps the most popular CMS in the world. It a PHP based open source web application. Open source means that the CMS or any application is free to use by following the laid down frameworks and licenses.  When an application is open source it means that you can actually take the code used to write it and create your own commercially viable project. The same can be said about WordPress. You can actually download and edit the code on WordPress and customized it to create beautiful websites. They say that roughly 30% of the world websites run on WordPress. There are reason why WordPress is so popular:

  • Its open source; besides being free to use, there are hundreds of thousands or millions of developers who contribute to make the WordPress platform better. These volunteers from all over the world contribute by making upgrades on WordPress. This in turn create one of the most powerful platform in the world. Even web design companies Kenya rely on Open Source platforms to build better websites.
  • Multiple plugins; There are numerous Plugins created to support the WordPress platform. These plugins are either free or paid for. They ensure that users can perform various functions while working on the WordPress platform.
  • Even Non Techies can use it to create beautiful websites; Non techies have a chance to build great website using the WordPress Platform. The beautiful thing about all this is that they can do it without touching any line of underlying code.
  • WordPress is light; because of the WordPress developer’s community, they have been able to efficiently crate a light framework usable by anyone. In fact WordPress is roughly a few megabytes.

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