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Important questions to ask prior to starting out web design Kenya

Important questions to ask prior to starting out web design Kenya

When Kenyans are about to embark on web design Kenya for personal projects or their businesses, they tend to be lost. Understandably, it is the level of murkiness involved in digital marketing, more specifically web design Kenya. What this has done to the market is increase the saturation. There are two sides of the stories which most Kenyans don’t seem to understand. Probably not for the best in the long run. Because in the end they end up losing a lot of money from shoddy jobs.

When the government and the country at large chose to follow the tech savvy way they forgot to carry along reading glasses. In which case most of them are navigating through the murky waters blindly. However, PitchSense Kenya is here to help. In this blog post we have prepared or rather highlighted questions Kenyans need to ask when embarking on web design Kenya.

Important questions to ask before embarking on web design Kenya


One of the most crucial question you need to ask before embarking on a personal or income generating web design Kenya is the references. Your prospective web designer needs to provide 3-5 references for their work. You should also contact them.

Years spent doing web design Kenya

You need to question them on the experiences they have practicing the trade. It will help you to access the level of competency for web design Kenya. It saves you from trouble once you have signed in.

Define the process of web design Kenya

They should be able to define the process they follow when creating a website for their customers. It is for the benefit of the business and you are involved. That way you get to agree on the terms of deliverables and what you expect from each other. You also need to define the scope of work and the budget allocation including the deposit plus the entire contractual amount. You can go on further to define the finer details in the amount of work with budget allocation.

How soon can the project be started? Also, you need to ask for the typical turnaround time for the project? Most importantly, the web designers need to state what is expected from you so that the project can start immediately.

Do web design Kenya create mobile friendly websites?

This is very crucial and should be included in the questionnaire because of the importance it holds. Website responsiveness has been affecting search engine rankings. Other equally important questions you need to ask is whether customers see an immediate return on investment (ROI) or is it long term. Does the web designers create custom sites or use templates or CMS s such as WordPress? Who owns the account once it is designed or completely paid for?

Finally, you need to have a clear agreement on the terms of communication. How do you communicate with the web design Kenya developers? Without a clear understanding on the communication channels, frequency and schedule there bound to be unresolved issues when you start on web design Kenya.

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