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What does digital marketing company Kenya do?

What does digital marketing company Kenya do?

Oftentimes we get questions such as “what do digital marketing company Kenya do”? It is a valid question especially in a young and ever growing digital marketing industry companies like PitchSense play in. For the curious soul it’s often to find out what kind of services these type of companies offer. On one side of the spectrum there is the student who wishes to understand what digital marketing is all about. On the other hand, there is the client who is curious on this subject.

Similarly, we fall on either categories depending on the specific day. Why? Digital marketing changes so fast! Therefore, we have to be literally standing on our toes to deliver the best for our clients. Conversely, we have put on experienced shoes when serving our beloved customers.

What does digital marketing company Kenya do?

Ideally, a digital marketing company Kenya sells hope, experiences, change or any human emotion you might think off. However, there are the specific services that our category of readers might be looking for. These services, as we will list them, have formed industries on their own. That said, you can be sure that they have sub branches –so to speak –within their larger component. Here is the list of the main services:

  • Search engine optimization(SEO)
  • Social media marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web design and development
  • Mobile app development
  • Video marketing
  • Content marketing
  • PPC/Paid advertising

The services of digital marketing company Kenya

  1. Search engine optimization;

    this is the process of getting a website to increase traffic through pushing it up to the first page of search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo). It involves keyword research, content creation, blogging etc. Once the website is ranked highly on search engine results pages (SERPs) the won get more traffic which translates to a great source of leads!

  2. Social media marketing;

    This industry is not very old, it started a decade ago with the rise in popularity of search engines such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn among others. Just as the name suggest this is the type of marketing using social media as the platform by digital marketing company Kenya.

  3. Email marketing

    ; when you create a killer website, you need to collect emails that will be useful in sending information about your business such as newsletters, product launches, conversions and so on. This can be gently achieved through strategic and targeted email marketing.

  4. Web design and development

    , I know this should have the first because without a website you might not achieve a lot. However, the bulleted list was prepared sub consciously and this is where it landed. This is the simply creating an online presence through a website. The website should meet all the stipulated requirements of the digital world. As a digital marketing company Kenya we are proud to share it with you.

  5. Mobile app development

    ; although not all businesses require a mobile app to run, quite a number do need. In fact, some businesses run entirely on the app mode. Mobile apps are great for marketing your business.

  6. Video marketing;

    this is simply the use of video capitalizing on video hosting platforms to market your business. These platforms include Facebook, twitter, Instagram,

  7. Content marketing

    ; this encompasses a lot. Basically this is the use of content to market a business online. The content is usually created and monitored by digital marketing company Kenya.

  8. PPC/Paid advertising

    ; simply put PPC means pay per click, this is the kind of advertising that charges users when someone clicks on the ad. This is the kind of advertising offered by Google, Facebook and other type of marketing platforms.

Well, class today we have been taught what digital marketing company Kenya do. It has been a great lesson and we will meditate upon it for many days to come. If you wish to ask more questions on the subject, you can reach us through our phone number +254 723 085 758 or email