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Why your website is useless

Why your website is useless

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I know the first statement is a bit screaming but its entirely true. Why? I will tell you in the next few paragraphs. As I had said in an earlier post people are taking websites seriously and nearly all small and upcoming businesses have a website. This is quite commendable! However, the only people aware of your website is your spouse, extended family members and friends because you informed them when the website went live. Therefore, its necessary to work with affordable web designers Kenya to get the best! Publishing a website is quite exciting. In other instances, you could’ve made people aware of your website every time you got an opportunity to communicate with them directly. This latter is not very efficient. Is it?

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Now the problem with this few people being aware of the existence of your website is that you are not getting any new business from your website.  Again its better when you work with affordable web designers Kenya as well. Technically, when its know by few people it simply means your website is useless! Nevertheless, you can change that through applying the best digital marketing agency Kenya methods. One of the best ways to make your website useful is through SEO (search engine optimization marketing Kenya). In simple terms get your website on the first page of search engines such as Google, yahoo, bing etc(mostly Google since its the most popular).

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On the first page of Google -especially the first five searches mean that people will click on your website frequently while searching for a particular product or service. Of course, a great website by affordable web designers Kenya means people stay on your site longer.  People rarely go to the second page of Google. Ultimately, they will give their business to the first few websites they see when they search for a product especially those great websites by affordable web designers Kenya. Lets explore this further through an example from a business selling laptops.

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The business optimized for keyword “laptops for sale in Kenya” and subsequently appeared on the first 5 searches on the first page of Google. If we have 1000 people searching for laptops in Kenya every day there is a likelihood that half (about 500) of those people will click on your website. But because of different factors not all will buy or even make contact. However, they will be aware of the existence of such a company. Lets say assume out the 500, about 100 decide to contact the business. It means your business has the contacts of about 3000 new potential customers in a month!

Well, the figure is just an estimation but you get the picture! In a nutshell, you website shouldn’t be useless it should be one of the most powerful marketing tool you have! Its time you got your website to the first page of Google. Ultimately, for increases sales you need to optimize your website. the website should be perfectly done by affordable web designers Kenya. In fact, you should make crucial SEO decisions before getting down to making your website!

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